Monday, 31 December 2007

What's next: first six months of 2008

Now that I have an idea, if I want to move on and do something I need a schedule. And especially because this won't be (and economically cannot be) my prime and only interest, I need it, to fit everything in... Or at least, trying to fit everything in my life!
This is the schedule I came up with...

January 2008:
by the 15th, draft of the table of contents, without a recipe list but with a minimum recipe number
by the 30th, list of all the recipes, with title and 1 line description

February 2008:
I'm already very busy in February as I'm going to organize a big event with a group of friends, so better not add anything else...

March 2008:
by the 30th, answer to the 3 basic questions: why me? Why now? Who cares?

April 2008:
by the 18th, write at least 3 example recipe, tested and photographed (maybe this will slip later, as from the 19th April to the 3rd May I'll be on vacation in Morocco)

May 2008:
by the 30th, layout of a sample recipe page, a text page and title page (for the latter, layout without a picture, which I'll choose among all the book pictures)

June 2008:
Propose the book to someone, you lazy moron!!!

1 comment:

Betty C. said...

This is very interesting as I am motivated to write a book (not a cookbook) but really find it hard to get started. I will follow your project -- maybe it will inspire me!

Good luck!