Monday, 31 December 2007

The beginning

Since sometime I have in mind an idea for a cookbook...
I'm a foodblogger, and exactly like all the other foodbloggers in the world I want to publish my cookbook! Rise an hand who NEVER had a single thought about it... Mmmh, no, I don't believe you! ;-)
I don't even see anything wrong about it... Should I?
I do not want to write it for "fame".
I do not want to write it for money.
I want to write because I think it would lovely to share everything with people that doesn't even know about blogs, like my in laws, my relatives, my friend... You see, it's not about the money: none of this people will ever by "my book": they'll pretend it as a present!

Anyway, this afternoon I was getting ahead with my good propositions for 2008, and I was writing down some basic notes on the book, and ideas were just blossoming, so I thought, well, I should open a blog and write about it...

Here I am...

Because we are beginning!
And by beginning I mean that we are really beginning: I have an idea, but that's all!
I haven't written a book proposal, I haven't got a book deal, I have contacted an e-book editor, but with a very airy idea...
So, basically, all I have is an idea!

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